The Design Process

Whether your looking to have an identity system crafted, a web site built or a marketing brochure printed they all share a common element in that they originated out of the design process. Despite the differing needs and specific deliverables, all of the products and services offered by Daniel Catts are a result of the Design Process I employ. Working through the Design Process it becomes evident that each phase is built upon the results of the previous step. Strict adherence to each of the steps in the process allows for accurate results in the final solution. While each project is different and unique the results I deliver to my clients benefit from working through this Design Process.

Phase 1 - Discovery
After the project proposal has been delivered and the working agreement signed, the Discovery Phase begins. Working along side the client it is here we begin the initial stages of discovery. I work to clearly understand and define what the client's needs are, allowing me create an effective strategy toward completing the project and achieving the intended results.

Phase 2 - Development
Once the Discovery Phase is complete I begin creating initial concepts, in the form of sketches or quick mock-ups, stemming directly from the information revealed in the Discovery Phase. It is here that I typically engage the client in a "First Viewing" session where we review and determine which of the initial concepts will be chosen for the next level of revisions in Phase 3.

Phase 3 - Revisions
After choosing several initial concepts from the Development Phase I work closely with the client to further refine the chosen concepts all the while working toward the goal of achieving the final solution spelled out in Phase 1. Depending on the project type and complexities of the final solution there can sometimes be several revision phases.

Phase 4 - Implementation
Once the client has reached a decision as to which revised concept will be used, the final design is produced. After client sign-off on the final design solution, the final solution is implemented and/or delivered to the client.