.htaccess 301 Redirects for Moved Pages on Your Webserver

A quick SEO tip to keep your Google Page Rank when you update or redesign your website and change the location of your content. Make sure you do a 301 redirect to the new location so search engines can still find that page, which is great for Search Engine Optimized pages, and if you do so your existing Page Rank will follow.

For instance, I just changed the location of some of the files on my website. I moved some of them into the portfolio directory -- so here is how I kept the search engines abreast of this change.

Create a file named .htaccess in the directory that contains your websites files. If the file exists already then open it up and add this to the bottom of the file:

redirect 301 /old-page.html http://www.yourserver.com/new-directory/new-file.html

Remember to substitute your file names for old-page.html and "new-file.html", and your server name for "www.yourserver.com". Within a few days to a few weeks the search engines should be updated about the new location.