About Daniel Catts

Dan Catts has over twenty years experience in print, web and interactive media design. A graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1991, and a student of the fine arts program at The University of the Arts, and Computer Science at Drexel University, Dan combined his prowess in Design with his love of New Media to create a truly unique skill set that has landed him some great positions working on cutting-edge technology.

After three years of working in the pre-press & corporate presentations industry, Dan landed the position of Lead Developer/Art Director on the staff of Digital Culture Stream, a CD-ROM based pop culture magazine. This was one of the first magazines of its type back in the mid 90 's and served as an influence on later multimedia projects such as Blender and Launch. It was around this time that Dan recieved Shockwave site of the Day for his game Rock'em Shock'em Mutant Combat.

In 1997, Dan relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to become Lead Multimedia Programmer at Imagine Media. At Imagine he developed monthly CD-ROMs that included PC GAMER, MacAddict, Next Generation, Maximum PC, PC Accelerator, Ultra Game Players, and more. Dan also worked on the development of the first internet radio products, Imagine Radio. This product was so successful, it was later sold to MTV and became their web based radio product.

In 1999, Dan jumped on board WiredPlanet as Creative Director. WiredPlanet was the next logical step of the streaming radio product that started at Imagine. While at WiredPlanet, Dan was responsible for the branding and user interface of the WiredPlanet website, desktop radio and web based radio products. WiredPlanet was later nominated for Best Music Site at the 2000 Webby Awards. In September 2000, WiredPlanet was acquired by Listen.com and became Listen Radio who was later bought by Real Networks of RealPlayer fame and eventually became the Rhapsody music subscription service.

Dan has since worked on various creative projects such as the feature length indie film "Quadrum" by writer/director Thomas Hale.

In 2002, he founded his own consulting company working with clients including Buffwear.com, whose products were made famous in the US by the popular CBS reality TV show Survivor.